Do you provide Gemstone Certificates?

All gemstones sold by Wijaya Gems are natural and not man-made. A Wijaya Gems Gemstone report is complimentary to all gemstones but laboratory generated certificates can and will only be provided for higher value fine stones.

Here is a sample of a  Wijaya Gems Gemstone Report:

What kind of Treatments are done on your gemstones?

At Wijaya Gems the only Treatment done to our gemstones is natural heating. Our Treated stones are oven heated to intensify and alter colour which in turn will improve durability and/or diminish imperfections.

How do you choose the best stone?

At Wijaya Gems our gemstones are handled by our chairman who’s  been working with gemstones for over 40 years. He, along with his disciples, work to make sure that our gemstones are thoroughly inspected to provide the best value determined by the clarity, rarity, popularity, type, size and colour of the stone. Even the slightest difference in size colour and clarity will result in an immense price difference so we post original pictures for all stones and do our best to ensure that they optimally represented. A $200 stone will always have a deeper colour, bigger size, and/or higher clarity, therefore “better”, than a $150 stone of the same kind.

Are any of your stones synthetic?

No, 100% of our gemstones are traditionally mined.

Do you memo stones?

No we do not.

What are the different cutting styles?

At Wijaya Gems, our cutters manipulate gemstones to optimize it’s beauty, quality and luster. These craftsmen and women have worked for over 25 years to master their art. Most of our stones are cut to fit international standards but we can cater and make available customized/free sized gemstones.